Live Tweeting a Death


Let’s face it. Social media is no longer just a phase in our lives. Like HBO Girls, it’s an essential everyday part of our existence, and whether we like it or not, it is not going anywhere. Social media is a part of us. When I go eat some cool cuisine, or cook up a fancy dish, you know I’m thinking in my head “what filter is this going to look best with, mayfair or amaro?” #chefsam. Hashtags are EVERYWHERE. Literally you walk down the street and every billboard, window pane, homeless man has a hashtag on it. Constantly, we are sharing what we eat on Instagram, our anger at Justin Bieber’s latest shenanigans on Twitter, selfies on snapchat, and nothing is left to the imagination on Facebook. There are always jokes about how people share when they go to the washroom, but I am almost positive there is an app that is just for following your friends bowel movements, and if there isn’t, it is coming.

Social media is a part of us.

I ask this question though: At what point are we over sharing?

A little while ago while strolling through my medias, a post caught my eye. I am going to paraphrase the message, but let me be clear, this is almost exact.

RIP Grandpa. I will always love you. #PawPaw #RIP #WillAlwaysLoveYou

This girl hashtagged her grandfather in the post sharing to her friends that he had passed away. I decided to check out more of her posts and what I saw shocked me. Somehow I had missed that for the few weeks prior to the previous post, she had been updating everyone of her grandfathers condition through the hashtag #PawPaw. What. The. Fuck? While scrolling through the past updates I came across postings like:

Stay Strong Paw Paw. We all love you and are here for you #PawPaw #LoveYou #Hospital
You mean everything to me. I love you forever #PawPaw #Sick

Let me be clear, I am not bashing or trying to shame the sharing of your emotions over your ailing grandparent on Facebook. But hashtags!? Am I the only one that thinks this is crazy? The death of a person is not a Katy Perry Concert! Ever since the passing of this girls grandfather, she will share a post every once in a while such as:

I will never forget you. Always in my heart #PawPaw


This scares me. I can admit, I overly use social media, it definitely has a stranglehold on my life, as I am sure it does most. But is it not crazy that we are getting to a point in society where we are blurring the lines of social media and everyday life to this extent? We are live-tweeting tragic events in our lives, and making sure people can follow the dialogue through a hashtag.


What do you think? Am I being an asshole, or is this really as crazy as I think?